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Trump is on Truth Social calling for “protest” because he’s going to be arrested on Tuesday. Because inciting riots worked out so well for MAGA last time they tried to “TAKE OUR NATION BACK”. Bitch, please.Here’s a headline that is accurate: The former President is using reports of an imminent arrest to incite violence on social media. You don’t have to name him, accept his label of violence as protest, or disseminate his all-caps language. Don’t reward him for this incitement.Didn’t even add ‘peaceful’ to “protest’?! Anyone reached out to IT, his stable pony, to see if she has thoughts?I love the salutations “Bitch Please” that my sentiment. Trump needs to be relieved of his social media once indicted. His desire to sacrifice his followers for his crimes is apparent.


I better not hear the fbi had no idea there would be a riot Tuesday in NYC.


I predict zero violence on Tuesday. Trump will be bitterly disappointed, but his followers actually understand that violence will land them in prison. These snowflakes might wave flags and shoot rude things, but they are not going to prison for Trump anymore.


As journalists, you are NOT required to treat “Take our nation back” as anything but incitement — not least, because it was a key cry used the last time the former President attempted a coup. You are also NOT required to ignore the coded anti-semitism of the reference to Soros.


The American people who respect the constitution will TAKE OUR NATION BACK when trump and his co-conspirators who tried to over throw the government over turn the 2020 election are all in prison. We need more indictments from THE DOJ AND DA of Fulton County, Georgia. Time is now.


“Protest, take our nation back” is not politician speak. That is Trump calling for violence, and that is clear


Good morning to everyone who thinks it’s about time we TAKE OUR NATION BACK from the #MAGACult. And our flag. And the word patriot! 🇺🇸

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